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Academic achievement in general and achievement in literacy and numeracy in particular represent key educational outcomes. The quality of education is measured in terms of the learning outcomes that have been achieved. One of the influences on learning outcomes is that of student engagement level during the teaching learning process. Reports like Karnataka School Quality Assessment and Accreditation Council (KSQAAC) and the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER)-2013 show that the learning outcomes of children in Karnataka are not at the desired levels. The ASER Report 2013 shows that in Mathematics, in Class V only 18.2% students are able to do basic division problems putting them behind children in private schools in the same level.
The Akshara Idea
Akshara Ganitha is a response to the requirement for better teaching tools and practices in primary mathematics in the country today. It focuses on improving the math skills in lower primary classes by making learning fun and relevant to everyday life and is taught based on the philosophy of ‘Activity based learning’. Akshara Ganitha is implemented by providing math Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs), training and support to government primary schools. Akshara Foundation is actively advocating bringing in effective Teaching Learning Material to teach math to children in grades 1-5 along with building capacity in the public education system to sustain this over the long term. Akshara Ganitha has been developed with a great deal of research and experiences of subject experts and field practitioners. The programme aims to supplement and not supplant the governmental efforts in enhancing the quality of math learning outcomes.
Mathematics is largely considered as a "dreaded subject”, and is being taught largely without experiential learning. Akshara Ganitha operates with a kit containing sturdy and attractive concrete TLMs which facilitates the abstract understanding of the math concepts covered in government syllabus.

Akshara Ganitha approach is based on sequential thinking strategies - Concrete, Representational and Abstract levels. A wide range of TLMs in the kit helps in performing the concrete operations, which is represented in square ruled books for visual memory during representational level. This is followed by solving wide range of mathematical problems in the form of puzzles, games and daily life problems for abstract understanding of the mathematical concepts.

Teachers are oriented on the pedagogic principles of the TLMs and trained on methodologies of using the same. Teachers are also provided with guidelines for conducting Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

The assessments in the programme are carried out by the research team where a randomized controlled trial (RCT) is conducted to understand the impact of the programme.

Ganitha Kalika Andolana (GKA) is a program to improve numeracy skills and facilitate classroom teaching of Mathematics among students in Government primary schools. The state government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Akshara Foundation to implement GKA starting with all the schools in the six districts of the Hyderabad Karnataka Region. The two-year plan includes provision of Akshara Ganitha teaching and learning material, capacity building of resource persons and teachers and assessment of children’s learning outcomes. The program will focus on 4th and 5th standard students to improve proficiency in Mathematics in a child-centric manner.

Akshara Ganitha

Programme Coverage

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Story Of Change - Kavitha is Back in School

Kavitha is Back in School

Kavitha’s interest is back, her school
    life has revived and she is a class 6
        student once again, pursuing her 
           studies. Her ambition, she says, 
              is to become a teacher.
Kavitha’s interest is back, her school life has revived and she is a class 6 student once again, pursuing her studies. Her ambition, she says, is to become a teacher.
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In the Budget speech, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, made an announcement that the Government would take the Akshara Ganitha programme across the state in a phased manner beginning with the Government schools in the Hyderabad – Karnataka area in the academic year 2014-2015.

It has been seen that the Akshara Ganitha programme has significantly improved levels of math learning amongst students and has made life easier for teachers.

For research and programme reports please visit our Research Reports and Research Papers pages.

For more information on assessment and school data please visit http://www.klp.org.in/