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At Akshara every programme has a definitive goal, a vision built in at the design stage, of children learning better and acquiring the foundational skills for academic progress. Our Research and Evaluation team enters the picture to gauge how programmes perform and whether end results have met the expectations on which they were founded. Data, children's test scores, classroom observations, teachers' feedback and field notes pass through fine scrutiny to convert into research papers on programmes and their effectiveness. It is stepping back and taking an objective, open-minded look at learning strategies, establishing successes, while pointing to shortfalls and areas for improvement.

Behind the scenes are the quiet, back-room labours that support programmes - training, developing content and formulating assessment tools. The team plays a significant part in the nationwide canvas of ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) every year, anchoring its surveys, enquiries and learning assessments in Karnataka.

Larger engagements such as advocacy, a push for reform in education, status reports to government with analysis and direction-markers, position papers, presentations and dissertations, are all work-in-progress for the Research and Evaluation team.

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