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We at Akshara believe in sharing our learning within the state of Karnataka and outside as well. We provide simple, scalable and sustainable solutions which can be used by any organization in the space of education. All the material and know-how for all our programmes can be downloaded and utilised in any location and geography across the world.
Akshara's preschool education strategy is based on a scientific and pragmatic design. The enriched teaching-learning material (TLM) covers the development domains of 3-6 year old children. The child assessments measure the learning curve children traverse. A special school readiness component prepares the 5-6 year old child for that crossover into primary education.
The programme design follows the vision of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 and draws from pedagogical best practices, the experience of teachers, subject experts, and Akshara's own ground level insights, to lay a bedrock that will take children up the educational ascent. Teachers say that the Math Teaching Learning Material (TLM) are attractive and have multiple applications and myriad possibilities; that they simplify complex concepts like fractions and decimals, for example, with graphically explicit aids. The process follows the concrete-representative-abstract path, which translates into joyful learning in the classroom.
'Swalpa English, Thumba Fun' is Akshara's introductory English language package for vernacular primary school children. The teacher-supportive, child-friendly package consists of a Chart with pictorial pages, Manual for Teachers, alphabet Flash-cards, Reading Cards and Workbooks. These are designed primarily for listening-comprehension skills, followed by speaking and basic reading and writing skills. The content covers themes and stories in familiar contexts and is split into segments for convenient implementation: Hello English-1; Hello English-2 and Hello English – 3.

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