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Karnataka has over 46,000 public primary schools and 64,000 public pre-primary schools that, together, serve over 8 million children. Over 98% of children attend a primary school and 85% attend a preschool. However, learning outcomes of our children are poor and a cause of concern. Faced with this huge challenge, we recognized that no single organisation can begin to impact a complex eco-system like early education. What is needed is a collective effort.
The Karnataka Learning Partnership was set up by Akshara in 2006 as a partnership for channeling change through collective action of multiple organisations addressing the public education space in Karnataka. KLP brings together the efforts of these organisations and provides the tools and data on a single platform. KLP does not seek to replicate what each organisation does - what it seeks to do is leverage the work each organisation does in ways that drive collective, rather than individual and isolated, impact.
Karnataka Learning Partnership (KLP) is a unique framework that uses multiple contemporary technologies like web-based data analysis and visualisation, mobile applications, interactive voice response systems, and legacy paper-based data to help create a transparent and accountable public pre-school and primary education sector in Karnataka. KLP is creating a new, collective, model of impact between multiple agencies – public, private and governmental – to solve complex challenges in public education.

KLP uses technology to track inputs and outcomes as well as provide a data basis for policy, advocacy and interventions. It allows for setting of common agendas, creating shared measurement systems, reinforcing the work each organisation does and creating new pathways for impact, coordination and communication between partner organisations and the larger ecosystem.

KLP provides insights to multiple stakeholders that improve decision making. All of the KLP work is accessible under open licenses – both code: https://github.com/klpdotorg/ and data, to the extent that privacy laws allow us to share.

KLP works with large data sets to create simple and informative data visualisations that help decision makers.
Some examples:

We have successfully delivered reports based on data from the Karnataka Learning Platform to Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) from Karnataka. Early feedback from MLAs in the Bangalore Urban District has been very promising and action has been initiated on the basis of our reports. These reports are available at http://reports.klp.org.in/

An independent school finance data set called PAISA from the Delhi-based organisation Accountability Initiative has been integrated into KLP along with the Government infrastructure data set called the District Information System for Education (DISE) and elected representative reports from the India Governs Research Institute.

For research and programme reports please visit our Research Reports and Research Papers pages.

For more information on assessment and school data please visit http://www.klp.org.in/