A Visit to GLPS Ilathore

Nalini NK & Suman Nadakarni of the Resource team visited GLPS Ilathore, in Sadahalli Cluster of Devanahalli Taluk.  This is an account of their experience at the school.

  This school is situated in the interior and is around 3kms from the Devanahalli Main Road. The transportation facility to the school is somewhat limited, as the buses travel once in 2 hours and therefore people here either walk, or take 2-wheelers. We reached the school at around 10.30 am.
As soon as we entered the school campus, we were surprised to see the environment inside the school. The school compound is well built. There are trees planted on both the rows of the ground periphery, which houses a beautiful small garden in between.  The school premises are kept very clean and tidy. The floor of the classrooms are made up of tiles and look very attractive and shiny. The school has separate toilets for boys, girls and staff members.
When enquired about the environment here, the Head Master Mr. Shivakumar said that it is a result of the great support and farsighted vision of the SDMC President, members and parents.  Also, each classroom is decorated with TLM materials in a very neat and orderly fashion.
We then visited the Nali-Kali Class. What we observed there stunned us with excitement. The walls of the classroom are divided into small rectangular spaces, which act as a black-board for every child. The Children write on the board, erase and re-use the space and hence making learning not just effective but also a lot of fun. The same pattern is followed in all 3 Nali-Kali classes. The teacher Rajeshwari is a calm and a very enthusiastic lady, and hence is able to pay individual attention to every child.
As we were passing by we saw that class 5 was self-handled by the kids. The children seemed quiet. The class leader was reading a lesson aloud and the rest of the children were following her enthusiastically. The Head Master, then said, that every class in this school followed a similar pattern.    
Outside the classrooms, in the verandah, the school has a small Library which houses story books, newspapers and magazines. The children whenever free visit the library corner and spend time in reading. On the other side of the verandah, there is a cupboard with shelves, where the glasses and plates are kept. After, the children finish their lunch; the utensils are washed and kept in the shelf, vertically allowing the water to dry up. Also, there are sufficient number of plates and glasses for every child in the school.
The Children are enthusiastic and very eager to learn. The teachers also are very supportive of the children. Identity cards are given to each and every child. Both, English and Maths programme are running well in this school. The children are grouped, and then encouraged to use the Teaching Learning Material (TLM) in groups, hence allowing group study and also imbibing traits of teamwork and leadership. Math is been taught in the school using Akshara’s TLM, teachers and children both thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning math this way.

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