Reforming Primary Education in India

Live Mint has an extensive piece on the reforms required in primary Education in India by Gulzar Natarajan.

India is a fast developing country with an ever-increasing literacy rate but is it an apt indicator of education in India?

Three independent source-  Annual Status of Education Report brought out by Pratham, the programme for international student assessment (PISA) survey of 15-year-olds, and the Quality Education Study 2011 conducted by Wipro and Educational Initiatives have brought into light the sad state of affairs when it comes to primary education in India.

Education must be done within the context of the culture which it serves. A push-down-curriculum is hardly the answer We need to start looking at education in a more subjective way. Each situation is different and each individual is different and this is where comes the need for differential education.

Read the article here.

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