Akshara calls for people to participate in the Millenium Development Goals!

Akshara is participating in a consultation to augur people’s voices in the context of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) conducted by the Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society (BREADs) on 17th June 2013 in Bangalore.

As we all know, MDGs is a set of 8 targets (with specified indicators) that were developed as an overarching agenda to arrest poverty in the world. With 2015 being the target set to achieve these goals, it is now time to review the reach, relevance and the need to rework on the framework to guide the process post 2015. The Consultation is an effort to bring together people’s voices and identify their priorities.

There are limited seats available for people aware of and interested  in these issues  to join this consultation. If you have something to say and would like to join the consultation, please send an email to vikas@akshara.org.in by 10th June to confirm your participation.

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