An interaction with the MPs and the MLAs

For long has education managed with little. Anganwadis without space or amenities – children cramped in dark, air-tight places which have neither light nor ventilation, neither toilets nor drinking water. Schools that make do with niggardly provisioning – overcrowded classrooms, unimaginative teaching, absentee teachers, no sports facilities, often no basic necessities. For long has education delivered by government compromised on quality.

Education is a mammoth endeavor. Bangalore alone has 1772 ICDS-run anganwadis and over 32,000 children in the 3-6 age group; 1420 government primary schools and approximately 225,000 children. Government alone can be the principal actor here, the primary doer. Akshara’s is at best a support role. It can energize and activate, set directions. Get the ball rolling, do part of the doing. Akshara Foundation has started an attempt to enrol the elected representatives in government-sponsored education in Bangalore and propel active participation in problem-solving by them. Only their writ can ultimately encompass and work.

To assist the decision makers of the state to divert their best resources for the betterment of education, the Akshara team has presented the MPs and MLAs of selected constituencies with three accurate, well-researched reports over the last eight months, one building on the other. It started with the first report on fundamentals – school and anganwadi demographics that throw light on the broad educational profile of the constituencies. The team followed this up at three month intervals with a report on the funds schools receive and their allocation, and another on infrastructure shortages in schools and anganwadis.

And where does the team get the information for its reports from? The Karnataka Learning Partnership’s (KLP) database is the source. KLP is a project incubated in Akshara, but it is a public forum open to organizations to post, share and use data. It is a global concept, an idea Akshara hopes will eventually stand on its own as an independent platform of sharing and exchange.

In the last six years KLP has amassed a wealth of data on education essentials. A structured and systematic build-up. The reports draw strength and caliber from this carefully compiled body of information, which is renewed at least once every year. It also serves as a handy tool when the team has to pull out specific details in a hurry to silence skepticism.

The feedback of our Elected Representatives to these reports have been overwhelming. From “wanting to make mine a Model Constituency” to “please keep me informed about the problems in my area”, such positive responses keep us motivating to do better and re-itetating out belief in the Government system.

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