Beginning of a new Community initiative in Hoskote

The academic year 2012-13 has a begun. Along with Akshara Foundation’s numeracy and literacy programmes in Bangalore, Hoskote, Devanahalli and regions of North Karnataka, this year, Akshara has also initiated an unique community initiative called Namma Makkalu Namma Abhimaana – “Our Children, Our Pride– in the Hoskote Educational Block in Bangalore Rural District. The idea behind this program is to increase the demand for quality schooling and to create an awareness on the importance of education.

Akshara is collaborating with Phicus, an organization which works in the social impact space, for this initiative. The team has jointly come-up with a calender of communitity enagagement events in the villages of Hoskote for the current academic year. The plan includes visiting communities and schools every forthnight, hold discussions with parents, Gram Panchayats, SDMCs, the teacher community, self-help group members, youth groups, and convince them of the cause and enlist their support for education.

Click here to read this story of Akshara’s efforts to work with the community and create a larger impact around education and the children.

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