Coimbatore celebrates the Lego Kondattam

 The Bosch CSR team organized a series of Lego games in a few Government schools in Coimbatore. They aptly named the event Lego Kondattam. The idea behind this initiative was to provide opportunity to the Government school students, their parents and teachers to exhibit and display their creativity, team spirit and to improve their presentation skills.
The Lego activity was held at 4 different schools namely
   GHSS, Gandhimanagar,
   GHSS, Saravanampatti,
   GHSS, Idigarai,
   GHSS, Ganapathy.
GHS Gandhimanagar:
The first of the Lego activity was organized at the Gandhimanagar Government High School on 16th Feb. Over 120 students of standard 6th to 10th participated in this activity. The session started with a video on Lego games which created a real momentum for this activity. The success story of the Founder of Lego motivated the students’ big time.  They were then provided with 4 baskets of Lego Bricks and they had to build up a story around the theme “World of Stories”. 120 students were split into 4 groups and given 1 hour time to build their own story on a theme of their choice and 5 minutes to explain their theme.
At the end of the hour, one team explained how the global warming was showing its effects. The other team explained the value of human potential and the innumerable opportunities available for a healthy and wealthy living. While the third team exhibited the colossal effect of deforestation and the forth one exhibited their wish of future ‘Gandhimanagar’ which had everything just like any other modern      high-tech city.
Towards the end of this activity the students, teachers and the parents all had not just enjoyed the group activity with the Lego blocks but also learnt that games and creativity can teach better.
GHS Saravanampatty
The CSR volunteers reached the school at 4pm on a Friday and were introduced about the LEGO Kondattam. The students were packed with excitement and enthusiasm. They were then divided into teams of 4 and given detailed instructions about the activity. The Lego video was shown to the students and the volunteers took special efforts to make this activity an interactive as well as an informative one.
They were given one hour to come up with their own creative model with the Lego kit and to create an imaginative story.  At the beginning it was a clash and mishmash of ideas but then the volunteers made them realize that “United they stand strong and divided they fall”.  The leaders were chosen in each team and they directed the team while the others coordinated them well. Towards the end of the activity each team ended up with an artistic model and story. The parents, teachers and the students all loved the fact that they apart the children were learning important traits like team spirit and leadership skills.
Kids and volunteers at work
GHS Idigarai:
The Lego Kondattam in Idigarai School began at 10am on a fine Saturday morning. The campus was a bright and a cheerful one with lot of trees and birds. The teachers and the alumni of the school greeted and welcomed the volunteers with an infectiously enthusiastic smile. The students had already gathered for the celebration. The room well furnished inside and had sophisticated projector, laptop and speakers lighted up the zeal in the volunteers.
The Lego video was played and explained to the students. They were then divided in groups of fours. The teachers, parents and students all were equally excited to know that learning could be this fun. The students came up with some interesting themes and one team even managed to build the “Idigarai College of engineering and technology”.
GHSS Ganapathy: The Lego kondattam journey marched towards GHSS Ganapathy on a cheerful Saturday at 2.30 pm.  A hearty welcome by the students and the teachers made the volunteers happy. The activity of team building began by grouping the students into four teams and the volunteers were assigned to take care of each team. They were presented with the Lego video so that they could grasp the basic idea of working on with it.
Then as in every school the activity started and the students enthusiastically involved themselves in the activity. The teachers, parents and students contributed greatly to the event making it a huge success.
The teachers, parents and the students were more than happy to have learnt lessons on leadership and teamwork in such a fun way.

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