In Beta: Exploring DISE Data via KLP

Over the years, we at KLP, have been big fans of the data that the District Information System for Education collects. DISE collects an incredible array of data on all primary schools, public and private, in every state of India and have done so, year on year, for many years. The self-reported data contains variables that cover enrolment to sanitation to infrastructure and more and a full list of these variables can be found in the DISE DCF.

We believe that the data DISE collects is an under-utilised resource and have built this application to allow users to better explore this data set through multiple lenses – by Education Districts, Blocks and Clusters as well as by MP and MLA aggregations and by PIN Codes.

For every aggregation, except PIN Codes, you will also find demographic, finance and infrastructure reports linked to at the bottom of the right panel.

This is a Beta release and we do need feedback to improve. For future versions, we’d like to be able to analyse data at every level of aggregation over time as well and provide easy ways to export data from selected views.

Please do play with our beta release!

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