LEGO brings Vinod back to School

Another LEGO story from the field!

A happy bunch of kids with colourful LEGO blocks

There have been multiple instances when students go to school half heartedly, most often because parents force the kids to go. This is a story where LEGO was the reason why this kid and many like him got back to school with a smile.

Vinod is a 5 and a half year old child who studies at the Tippur Anganwadi which is located in the Kengeri circle South ICDS project. He comes to the Anganwadi along with his sister, Gowri. His father is an auto driver and his mother works as a maid. It has been two years since Vinod has been a part of this anganwadi.

When Vinod first joined the anganwadi, he was irregular to the centre and didn’t pay any attention nor did he participate in any of the class activities. The only thing he did was to start crying as he stepped into the anganwadi. It took him a good six months to adjust himself to the new environment. The project coordinators spoke to his mother and told her how important it was for the child to attend school. Things got a little better when Vinod’s sister Gowri started accompanying him to the anganwadi.

Things took a totally different turn when LEGO was introduced in this anganwadi. The teachers and the workers at the Anganwadi were trained to teach the children how to use LEGO and the various activities centred around LEGO. Post the pre-school class all these kids would have a session where they were handed the LEGO blocks and allowed to play. The bright, vibrant colours of the LEGO blocks attracted everyone. This time even Vinod couldn’t escape the charm, joy and smiles that the LEGO blocks brought.

An engrossed Vinod building a LEGO tower!

Suddenly, Vinod who until now showed no response in class seemed to be not just responding but also participating in all the activities. This was not all, the not so regular Vinod now had a reason to come to the Anganwadi every day, and this improved his attendance. The Lego games left such a strong influence on this little kid that he now coaxes his mother to send his sister to the anganwadi too. At the anganwadi, he goes to the corner where the LEGO blocks are stacked and shows his sister how to use the blocks to make models of towers and trains.

Though this is one Vinod’s story, it has also been the story of many children who avoided coming to school because they didn’t find the place interesting, says the teacher. LEGO has made anganwadis more interesting, this means that the attendance has increased and so has the interest of the students to learn new things. The teacher proudly quips that LEGO has increased their levels of concentration and creativity.
She also says the game has taught the kids’ traits like sharing, leadership and teamwork. She says LEGO has managed to make not just the students smile but also the teachers, parents and the community members who work together.

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