Makkala Habba is Here!

Festivities at Akshara continue with the much awaited “Makkala Habba”. This is a festival of learning, creativity and a get-together for the teachers, students and the parents along with volunteers. 

Children checking the LEGO blocks

What is “Makkala Habba”?
“Makkala Habba” is platform that brings teachers, students and the parents to interact with each other creatively under a single roof. Creativity is exhibited using Lego bricks to build stories around the model. “Makkala Habba” is all about getting teachers, parents, students at selected library schools in Bangalore to build a model based on the theme given. 
LEGO models made by children and parents.
“Makkala Habba” will be held from 16th November- 14thDecember 2013 in Bangalore.The 2 hours of Makkala Habba is going to be one place where chaos, excitement, energy, ideas and imagination are all running high. This year “Makkala Habba” will be celebrated in 12 schools with over 3655 children participating.
Join us as we celebrate creativity like never before! For more details to volunteer for the “Makkala Habba” write to us at
We are looking for volunteers to help us on 23rd November 2013.

Take a look at all the fun at the LEGO Habba 2012 here.

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