It was a day that made everything about it festive and brought a smile on your face, right from the confetti-coloured dhurries lacing the floor to the waving greens and gorgeous sun. Yes. It was the perfect day to celebrate the happy shrieks and riot of expressions exploding all around – the kids that revolve around our life and work.
The pre-school field team at Akshara Foundation recently organised a Makkala Habba, which literally means Children’s Festival. It was held at the Haragadde Anganwadi Centre, part of the Anekal ICDS project.
Children, their mothers and workers from three anganwadi centres formed the core of this celebration. In addition, we were joined by the Panchayat president, CDPO , health workers and the Head Master of the nearby government school, taking it to a whole new level.
The day-long festivities included sports activities for teachers and mothers & a cultural programme for the kids. This was followed by a Lego bricks competition for mother-children duo teams that brought out the best of the creativity.
It was the perfect occasion to bring community mothers, local leaders and the education department together and stress on the importance of pre-school education.
Coverage by Vijaya Vani
makkala habba1
makkala habba2
makkala habba4
makkala habba3
The winning mother-daughter duo
– Bhagya Kumar

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