Shoot for a Cause contest : Nurturing imagination..

We had recently participated in the “Shoot for a Cause” contest organized by iVolunteer. The objective of this event was to give a platform to volunteers to create awareness videos of the causes which they believe in. Our volunteers, James Adaickalasamy and Suresh Kerketta created a video to showcase Akshara’s In-school programs. Below, James and Suresh share their memories of creating this video and also an appeal message to help this video win the “Janta Choice Award”. 
iVolunteer, a Bangalore based NGO recently organized “Shoot for a Cause” contest as part of Joy of Giving Week, 2012. This was not necessarily a contest, but to encourage volunteers in making a short video relevant to a social cause. We decided to work with Akshara Foundation. Our’s is an attempt to showcase Akshara Foundation’s effort to nurture the imagination of our small wonders through their In-School programme.
Vikas Maniar who heads the In school program guided us with inputs about how Akshara works. We visited Government schools in Hoskote to do our video shoot. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of shooting videos of kid’s learning as well teacher’s teaching process. Akshara Foundation helps them with learning kits, books, curriculum and teacher training.
Here is the link to Shoot for a Cause. Shoot For A Cause Voting Lines Link
Our video is named “Nurturing Imagination”. If the video brings smiles to your face, please help us win the “Janta’s Choice Award” by voting. Remember to hit the submit button after voting. Voting line is open till 7th October, 12am.
Do share this with your fellow friends and your community. You might be a reason for bringing a change by spreading awareness.

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