Sound of Music

Super fun, sheer joy of making some cool music with self made musical instruments and a great sense of community! The musical instrument workshop held at Government Kannada Model Primary School (GKMPS) Hebbal, was a joyous, affirming and an incredibly exciting experience. A brainchild of Seth Molloy, Software Development Engineer, Analog Devices, the workshop facilitated by Akshara Foundation, saw over 35 volunteers from Analog Devices, Target India, CGI and HP India among others come together t o create a musical environment for more than 150 kids. The sounds of various musical instruments put together by using available resources like pipes, water cans and straw, filled the school campus, as children showcased their new found abilities. Conducted in such a way to facilitate students learning and creativity more than just playing an instrument, the workshop was totally inspiring and was the highlight of the week for all participants.
Step by Step
Spearheaded by Molloy and led by the volunteers and teachers, the workshop was split into four different activities. In the first step, the school children were educated on how various musical instruments work and the sound they create. This was facilitated with demonstrations by the volunteers.
The real action began with school children getting started on instrument making. Be it tuba, a trombone, quasi-xylophone, oboe, base drum – the kids tried their hands at making various instruments with the help of volunteers. The entire exercise motivated the children to think independently and generate new ideas. What’s more – the kids also had a great time testing and decorating their musical instruments.

Save the Best for the Last
The highpoint of the workshop was a live performance by the school kids. Accompanied by the school staff and the volunteers, the children did a small road show, showcasing the self made instruments and playing them in great harmony. The workshop accomplished exactly what was intended – fun, willingness to try new things and be creative and the pure enjoyment of working together in a group. Truly awesome!

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