When Akshara Foundation started balwadis (preschools), in under-served communities in Bangalore thirteen years ago the objectives were two-fold. To give school-readiness skills to 3-to-5 year olds, and To ensure that when ....


The focus of in-school programmes has always been on children achieving basic skills. The depressing fact that of the children enrolled in class 1, about 40% drop out before class 8 and a total of 70% drop out before class 10, makes basic literacy and numeracy an urgent social goal. Aksh....


Library Programme Akshara Foundation has a network of libraries in schools and communities to encourage and sustain a reading habit among children and is a key part of Akshara Foundation's strategy of improving learning outcomes among children. The libraries are well stocked with books....

Karnataka Learning

The Karnataka Learning Partnership (KLP) is a public technology platform of data on education. The concept is global, but KLP had an Akshara-conceived incubation in 2006 in Bangalore, where it was re-engineered and adapted in the context of government schooling in Karnataka. KLP's ....


Meet Shreyanka Mally

November 24, 2014
Gautam John
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Thank You, Teachers

September 16, 2014
Asha Sharath
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Magic Maths

Set to tune by Ricky Kej, a well known music composer in Bangalore, the anthem revels in the joy of numbers and enthuses our young towards the necessity of maths and brings them to the joy of numbers.

Math Ringtone English

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Math Ringtone Kannnada

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