Zip Zap Pow – Brining together shared value of performing arts and social change

The ZZP One Minute Play Festival is a super fun blur of plays – that gives a quick barometric reading
of the creative mental state of Bangalore’s theater scene. A One-Minute Play is a form of theater that looks at the ten-minute play form and structure, distills it down to the most immediate story-telling event or core emotional content. It’s the kind of evening that requires that you gulp it down and then reflect back later on the moments and sparks that made you laugh or that hit you hardest or surprised you. This platform has been developed to give budding playwrights, directors and actors a chance to showcase their skill in a ‘never seen or experienced before’ genre in theater.
Akshara Foundation is excited to be part of this unique play festival, which can bring to the audience shared value in terms of art and social change. We think this as a great opportunity for Akshara to reach out a large section of young people, who can together join hands to advocate for the cause of good quality education for children. All proceeds from the event will be used in Akshara’s educational programme in Government schools across the state. 

Anita Mitra, who is the brain behind this festival, has planned a three-series festival for this year. The All Women’s series, the All Men’s series and a play-off between the best of the women and men. The first ever All Women’s One Minute Theater in July 2014, was a riveting celebration. The festival saw brilliant 55 one minute, original dramatic pieces, 37 women, a 100 emotions music, dance, laughter and tears.. Four packed shows with a spellbound audience have ensured that this festival is set to be an annual feature in the theater calendar in the city.

It’s time for the ZZP Men now! 40 brand new one minute All Men pieces, men playwrights, All men cast and crew, brand new scripts and one minute snippets!  This is what you get to treat yourself with at the All Men’s Theater festival finale on the 10thof August 2014. Be there at Humming Tree, Indiranagar, Bangalore to cheer this immense talent!