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Mathematics is widely believed to be a foundational discipline upon which a lot of future learning in school depends. Yet, achievement levels of students in primary school math are generally poor. Less than 20% of the children in class 5 can do simple division (ASER 2016 and KSQAAC). Moreover all these surveys show that over time the number of proficient children is declining. This is a cause of worry and we need to improve on it significantly in a short period of time so as to be able to support our children in becoming productive members of society that is increasingly becoming knowledge-based.
The Akshara Idea
Ganitha Kalika Andolana (GKA) is Akshara’s Math model designed as a support programme for students and teachers in government primary schools to bring proficiency for children in Grades 1-5. It focuses on improving math skills by making learning fun and relevant to everyday life and is taught based on the philosophy of ‘Activity based learning’. The state Government of Karnataka is supported by Akshara in scaling up the programme to all the 44,000 Government primary schools in the state in a phased manner.
  • Government buy-in is essential if we are to scale up. Our efforts are supported by Government Orders (GOs) and subsequent letters issued to education department functionaries by the state SSA and DSERT.
  • We have strong methodology and curriculum that we have created along with teaching / learning materials. Click here to download our free math resources.
  • Capacity building is key and the training of teachers and two resource persons in each cluster is being conducted in a cascade mode. Information regarding training on TLMs in the kit can be found here .
  • We have a simple yet powerful SMS monitoring process that is put in place to collate reports from each school on how the programme is being implemented. This system is cost effective yet efficient to produce actionable analytical reports that can be accessed here by any stakeholder.
  • This is one of the key components of GKA and assessment (formative and summative) of children are done using an Android-based application on a tablet.
  • This is an important component to ensure long term sustainability. We have done some interesting work here which includes conducting a math contest hosted at the Gram Panchayat level. Click here to read this exciting report. Collecting inputs from parents, community members, SDMC members, elected reps, etc. has been a large part of our effort and this is now being captured via an Android-based app (available on PlayStore) called KLP Konnect . Click here for survey results.

GKA Programme Coverage

Programme Coverage
Programme Coverage

In the Budget speech, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, made an announcement that the Government would take the Ganitha Kalika Andolana programme across the state in a phased manner. The programme has now been implemented across 12 districts in Karnataka. Akshara and the Odisha Government have now launched GKA in Odisha!

It has been seen that the Ganitha kalika Andolana programme has significantly improved levels of math learning amongst students and has made life easier for teachers.

For research and programme reports please visit our Research Reports and Research Papers pages.

For more information on assessment and school data please visit http://www.klp.org.in/